New Jersey Coastal Access
Private Landowners

Private Waterfront Landowners
What are your legal rights and responsibilities to control public use of your property? What is the scope of your ownership and what are its limitations? More...

Government & Public Entities
Law Books image What tools are
available for creating and maintaining coastal access? How can regulations affect coastal access in your community? More...

Waterfront Users

Waterfront Users
What are your responsibilities when accessing the coast? How does the Public Trust Doctrine protect your right to access land seaward of the mean high tide line?

Public Access Survey
To help determine the perception and needs for public access to New Jersey’s beaches, the New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium conducted a survey of beach users from May to September, 2010. The survey aimed to measure public opinion about a variety of public access issues including the adequacy of public access points, accessibility and available amenities, the appropriateness of fees, reasons for using public access and determining the demographics of beach users. More...